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Announcements Announcements
Got a feature you would love to see added? Let us know here, we will try to implement them. Checkout the latest news and announcements releases.
913 12,059 Creative writing section
Today 10:38 PM
by Triangle

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The Chill Room The Chill Room
For great discussions on various subjects and to have some fun relaxed topics you can enter our Chill Room.
Moderated By: Mentors
6,817 71,287 The new decision I've mad...
Today 10:17 PM
by Known Alias
Lifestyle Discussion Lifestyle Discussion
Lifestyle Discussion is intended for discussing different lifestyle aspects with the members.
163 2,287 Should I Get This
08-17-2014 02:46 AM
by Rob Ford
Member Contests Member Contests
This is a special forum dedicated to all the contests that members run. These are not official contests so participation is at your own risk.
781 13,347 1000 H4X$ giveaway
Today 10:13 PM
by Infamous
Monetizing Techniques Monetizing Techniques
If you're looking for methods to make more money online this is your forum. If you have great ideas or a system to monetize please share it.
966 15,654 how does peoples sell vie...
Today 08:42 AM
by aniket93
Freebies and Giveaways Freebies and Giveaways
This epic free section is a treasure for all the members of VIPHF. Post all of your giveaways here and read carefully the rules.
2,342 24,846 Doing small favors
Today 05:17 PM
by megatran
World News World News
This is to discuss world news, local happenings, and interesting topics of what's going on in society.
423 3,300 Is this the start of "I R...
Today 08:44 AM
by Sako-Hacker
Help Desk Help Desk
Get help with anything and everything. This is a place to ask for help from other members. Forum related help; post in the rules and announcements.
924 6,055 Is there a way to transfe...
Today 06:09 PM
by Kaskade
Movies, Videos, and Cinema Movies, Videos, and Cinema
You're going to the cinema? Want to share a good movie? Post all the movie threads here. Series are also welcome.
675 4,563 NetGen! FREE! NetGen Sinc...
Today 11:12 AM
by UzZY
Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics
Debates and other discussions that surround the topics of science, religion, politics and philosophy. We ask all deep thinkers to post here.
245 2,445 What Religion are you?
Today 02:13 PM
by Infamous
Music, Ipod & MP3 Music, Ipod & MP3
Listening with an iPod or your favorite MP3 player? Maybe you're a musician? Do you go to concerts? Share the best tracks here!
1,047 3,895 Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Holly...
Today 02:43 PM
by Badger
Random & Funny Random & Funny
There is no limit to the amount of randomness that can be contained. All the off-topic threads go here. All forum rules still apply except spamming-related rules.
17 152 They told us to go play o...
Today 06:44 PM
by Luminescent

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Beginner Hacking Beginner Hacking
First time you hear about hacking? Here are some informative threads. You can ask questions, make sure to read the Rules and the Stickies.
1,050 9,216 DDOSer/Doser
Today 07:52 PM
by Saint_Bobbo
Hacking Tutorials Hacking Tutorials
Learn how to hack like a pro. Post all your hacking tutorials here.
604 12,480 Facebook Hacking full gui...
Today 04:44 PM
by Buster
Website Hacking Website Hacking
Want to hack a website? This category is about how to hack a website so this is the area for those threads.
469 3,389 Need This site database. ...
Today 10:45 AM
by kanai
Cracking Dicussions Cracking Dicussions
This is the cracking area. Post anything about cracking here. Tutorials, tools and questions are welcome.
Today 10:40 AM
by myramalhotra10
Hacking Tools and Programs Hacking Tools and Programs
Since every hacker needs tools and programs please post your favorites here. Always post a Virus Total link.
1,036 12,874 Fake Installer. Make infe...
Today 06:43 PM
by Luminescent
Proxies & VPNs Proxies & VPNs
For discussions about staying anonymous online, proxies or VPNs, post here.
245 2,568 Cyberghost Fastest Server
Today 10:36 PM
Random Random
Because we don't know where the fuck these sections goes, but interesting, it's here!
280 3,096 Alfa AWUS036NHA connectio...
Today 07:45 AM
by ciocan
Human Manipulation and Social Engineering Human Manipulation and Social Engineering
Discuss anything related to social engineering. Post your methods here.
604 9,312 SE'ing 4K Dell Monitors.
Today 04:13 PM
by Elamino

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White Hat Help White Hat Help
Is your computer running extremely slow or acting a bit strange? This is your section. Request a check up now by the VHF Tech Team.
240 2,312 A Tut on Removing Virus a...
08-15-2014 11:22 PM
by Sk0rn
General Computer Talk General Computer Talk
For all computing posts not related to the other topics please post here.
136 1,026 Need help configuring my ...
08-13-2014 07:26 PM
by Triangle
Build Your Computer Build Your Computer
Discuss and get advice on building a new computer here.
119 1,095 My new pc specs
Today 09:25 PM
Windows XP, 7, 8 Windows XP, 7, 8
This section is dedicated to the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Anything related to Windows should be posted in this section. Tips, tricks, tutorials, troubleshooting, questions, etc.
121 877 Question about choise of ...
08-07-2014 05:02 PM
by Badger
GNU/Linux, *BSD and Unix distros GNU/Linux, *BSD and Unix distros
The popularity of the unix system built by AT&T in 1969 is still the basis for current operating systems. Post about Linux, kernels, FreeBSD, and other topic in this forum.
50 351 So i sat my new os up
08-02-2014 07:43 AM
by CyberGuard
Apple Mac and OS X Apple Mac and OS X
For all Apple Mac family computers like the iMac, Mac Pro, and MacBooks discussions. Topics include OS X help, software assistance, and Mac network setup instructions.
15 91 Black ops 2 on mac?
08-15-2014 10:41 AM
by Cosmos
Smartphones and Tablets Smartphones and Tablets
For Android , iOS, Ubuntu, FirefoxOS and other smartphones/tablets OS and devices, we have this section. Feel free to share tips, scripts and tricks and request help.
84 606 Iphone 6 Coming soon! - R...
Today 10:26 PM
by Infamous

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Coders Lounge Coders Lounge
This is the official Coders Lounge for real developers in the real world. Show us your work, introduce yourself here and maybe have a chance to join our amazing Coders group.
97 794 [Looking] Licence & Updat...
Yesterday 06:16 PM
by Known Alias
C & C++ Programming C & C++ Programming
All written C and C++ matters belong here.
81 520 [C++] Question
08-14-2014 05:07 PM
by Walter_White
Visual Basic and .NET Framework Tutorials Visual Basic and .NET Framework Tutorials
Tutorials and coding help for Visual Basic are here. Microsoft's event driven language using the COM model. Also included are the .NET Framework topics.
198 1,295 C# - Flashing Name, Prest...
Today 08:49 AM
by Sako-Hacker
Web Development Web Development
For anything that is related to Web Development : HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, ASP.NET, etc., we have this section. Get help for the development/construction of your website here.
272 1,702 Website Design Help?
Yesterday 10:23 AM
by Chris
Java Java
Write once, run anywhere!
52 241 [JS Tutorial] Have music ...
08-02-2014 06:51 AM
by Chris
Batch ,Shell, DOS and Command Line Interpreters Batch ,Shell, DOS and Command Line Interpreters
For any hacker the base of their coding should be CLI. The knowledge of the command line is crucial to being a legit hacker.
85 568 Need Advices
08-14-2014 09:50 PM
by Mr_7un47!5
Other Programming Languages Other Programming Languages
Anything that doesn't belong in other sections can be posted here about coding.
114 654 Beginner Database
08-14-2014 05:18 PM
by Walter_White

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Gamers Lounge Gamers Lounge
For gaming enthusiast fans this is your group forum.
269 1,889 Does anyone have an xbox ...
Today 05:10 PM
by King
Xbox Xbox
The Microsoft Xbox 360 is a fan favorite amongst online console gamers. Xbox Live is a strong gaming community.
216 1,362 [ Xbox | CoD: Ghosts ] | ...
Today 07:47 PM
by Elamino
League of Legends League of Legends
The unique free Action RTS from Riot Games is one of the most popular games online. For all League of Legends discussions enter here.
408 2,232 If you are bored!
08-15-2014 11:13 AM
by Dr.Pepper
Call of Duty Call of Duty
All the discussions related to CoD series comes here. Want to share a map or a server? Post it here.
195 902 Mw3 PS3 Hacks/Mods!!
Yesterday 06:32 PM
by jtemerich
Minecraft Minecraft
It's addictive gameplay and simple mechanics make it a hit. This is the Minecraft forums.
206 1,658 minecraft account give aw...
Today 08:06 PM
by gibkcoc
Grand Theft Auto Series Grand Theft Auto Series
All the GTA discussions goes here.
91 494 [GTA V] Share your GTA V ...
08-12-2014 06:53 AM
by Badger
Counter-Strike and Steam Counter-Strike and Steam
Anything and everything related to Counter-Strike can be found here. This includes your favorite Counter-Strike movies and your own clips of your skills.
69 344 Looking for people with C...
Yesterday 10:45 PM
by gbk
RuneScape RuneScape
Discuss updates, get help with the game, share stories. Discuss items and prices - no trading here!
129 1,095 spare runescape account
Today 03:27 PM
by ๖ۣۜChief Keef.
Playstation Playstation
All gamers welcome to discuss all things Playstation related.
63 447 Ps4 OS on laptop?
08-17-2014 01:40 PM
by douglas423
Random Games Random Games
Any other games that doesn't belong in one of these forums goes here.
107 485 Roblox - I need Robux
Today 05:35 PM
by Rockst4r

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VIP Infinity Lifetime Access Signup VIP Infinity Lifetime Access Signup
For information on how to signup to be a VIP paid subscriber please enter here.
- -

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Group and Crew General Discussions Group and Crew General Discussions
For all topics regarding custom user groups such as recruitment, joining questions, and other threads about crews please post here.
149 2,500 [Official Group] GM Recru...
Today 08:40 PM
by 420™

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Graphics Graphics
Discuss anything related to graphics here.
Moderated By: Paradoxium
523 4,227 zenfolio
08-13-2014 01:17 PM
by Badger
Rate My Graphic Rate My Graphic
These are threads related to graphic ratings such as your signature or avatar. Please make sure to make quality posts.
Moderated By: Paradoxium
211 1,489 Signature
08-17-2014 12:37 PM
by Twisted
Free Graphic Requests Free Graphic Requests
If you're in need of a signature or logo this is where you post. Be sure to read any rules or stickies in this section before making a new thread.
Moderated By: Paradoxium
395 2,269 Text Signature
Today 02:16 PM
by Cyr
GFX Tutorials GFX Tutorials
Here are the tutorials for Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, and other graphical programs. Post all your knowledge here.
Moderated By: Paradoxium
07-28-2014 01:28 PM
by Arte.
Graphic Services Graphic Services
Offer free or paid graphic services to members here. Graphic services include such topics as signatures, website graphics, logos and member graphic shops.
Moderated By: Paradoxium
92 799 Arte's Graphics Services
Today 09:06 PM
by Arte.
Video Editing Video Editing
For discussions on creating and editing videos we have this forum. Topics include Youtube videos, video editing software tutorials, and programs like Avid or Sony Vegas.
Moderated By: Paradoxium
42 233 Using Sony Vegas Pro
08-05-2014 01:22 AM
by toffbrown

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Marketplace Discussions Marketplace Discussions
Discuss prices and ask questions here. Interested for a sticky or a paid sub-forum to get your product noticed and successful? Contact the admins.
702 5,655 Pastebin Paster!
Today 09:59 PM
by Known Alias
Sponsored Products Sponsored Products
These are forums owned by members for their products and services. VHF does not officially endorse or support any member, product, or service.
7 68 [Illuminati] MC E-Book
08-17-2014 11:26 AM
by ๖ۣۜ$
Secondary Sellers Market Secondary Sellers Market
This area is for the non-upgraded members. Follow the rules and read the stickies.
1,644 9,086 Booter Source Custom $12....
Today 06:17 PM
by Spoofable
Online Accounts Online Accounts
If you're selling an OG internet account this is your section. Top sellers include social networking accounts, popular IM names, and excellent email addresses.
352 2,447 Tyrant's Autobuy Shop | S...
Today 05:46 PM
by Tyrant
Buyers Bay Buyers Bay
Are you looking for something? Post your wanted ads in this area. Examples would be games, downloads, or programs. Be descriptive when creating threads.
643 2,964 Origin Accounts With Sims...
Today 07:19 PM
by Walnut
Gaming Items Gaming Items
Here you can sell virtual items from games such as Runescape Gold, WoW equipment, and other gaming related items. No account trading allowed in this section.
355 1,715 Selling Tomb Raider 2013 ...
Today 08:01 PM
by Elamino
Traders Topics Traders Topics
If you want to make a trade or exchange with a member we want it posted here.
315 1,678 Western union for BTC.
Today 09:46 PM
by Wraith
Auctions Auctions
This section is for the member's auctions. Start bidding and buy now for items.
71 427 Full Access Minecraft Acc...
Today 05:23 AM
by Erational
Partnerships, Hiring, and Personnel Partnerships, Hiring, and Personnel
Looking for partnership? This is the right place for you. Make sure to read the guidelines for your safety.
234 1,057 Experienced [1] Autodesk ...
Today 03:19 PM
by Origin
Ebook Bazaar Ebook Bazaar
If you have an Ebook for sale please post it here. Only original author of Ebooks are allowed to sell. Read the sticky before posting.
193 1,373 [Unsaturated]How to get f...
08-17-2014 01:24 AM
by Sowik13
Service Offerings Service Offerings
If you would like to offer your services or need help in exchange for payment please post in this section.
251 1,181 Selling FK Signature Spac...
Today 08:54 PM
by King

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